United Bowhunters Of Pennsylvania
Disabled Hunters Program

About Us

The United Bowhunters of Pennsylvania's Disabled Hunter Program began in 1999 with an idea from Ernie Kramer. Ernie presented this idea to the UBP leadership and gained approval to move forward. Ernie was encouraged by David Sullivan of Buckmasters Disabled Hunter Services. They agreed to supply a hunt if Ernie could come up with the funds for the transportation to the hunt. The Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America (PCBA) and Buckmasters supplied the applications that first year. Each year the program grew a little and before long, a dedicated committee was formed. The program currently sends at least six disabled hunters on hunts each year. The program is funded primarily from the proceeds from our yearly fund raising banquet. The banquet has become one of the premiere sportsmen events in the area, typically selling out each year at around 300 attendees.


Committee Members:

Dan Smoker - Chairman

Steve Koch - Fundraising Development and Banquet Registration

Brenda Koch - Banquet Registration

Dick Koch - Firearms Coordinator

Jamie Lovens - Banquet Auctioneer

Amy Neidlinger - Ladies Raffle Coordinator

Darryl Neidlinger - Bow Raffle Coordinator

Mark and Allison Demko - Banquet Program Designer

Sherry Whitmoyer - Hunt Coordinator

Jake Longley - Banquet Video Producer

Brian, Kim and Cody Fidler - Sportsmans Raffle Coordinators

Daryl, Betty and Wade Wetzel

Chris and Levi Naylor

Chris Carter

Todd Pugliese

Austin Whitmoyer

Josh Lapointe

Rob Steltz