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Tyler McElwee - 2003

On November 12, 2003 had finally arrived at Point Mount Wilderness. The next morning we started the hunt and right away that morning I saw a couple of doe and one four point. I was unable to get a shot at any of them.

Then when I came out that night I saw some more doe and was unable to get a shot at them. That evening the other boy that had went he had gotten a doe.

On Friday morning, I saw and shot a spike but did not get him. When I went out that evening I saw the best thing ever I had seen, my first bear up close. Even though nothing else came in that was the highlight of my trip right there.

Then on Saturday morning I saw the same four point that I had seen on Thursday and was unable to get a shot at him again. Then that evening I saw the most deer and none of them would even come close to the blind that I was in. All in all I had a great time and it was definitely worth going. The guides where great, and the ground that the place was sitting on was beautiful.