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Zach Glessner - 2012

Zach Glessner

There aren't enough ways to say how much I appreciate what you have done for me. My trip out west for antilope was terrific! I had the chance to stop in the Bad Lands and also at Yellowstone National Park. At both parks I saw amazing sights and wildlife. We got to see bighorn sheep, bison, elk and many more on the way to Casper Wyoming. We saw hundreds of mule deer and proghorns, many of which were huge bucks. Right off the bat the first morning of hunting we saw probably 50 to 100 proghorns, many were very nice shooters just not what we were looking for. Finally around 12:30 pm we spotted 2 definite shooters, we began a stalk on teh one but couldn't close a 200 yard distance without him walking away. Finally we managed to get set up on him and my shot was slightly high. We tried again but sadly he moved to a 250-300 yard shot and I just went under him and we lost him around a hill. On our way back to the truck, my guide Brent, suggested we give the other buck a try and we spotted him over a cliff. We got setup with a 100 yard shot and that was it, a beautiful heart shot, he didn't go but 10 feet. I was ecstatic, walking down to him was thrilling, seeing how big his horns were up close amazed me. His one side was chipped from fighting which in my opinion made my day even better. I enjoy trapping and hunting very much, so this was a wonderful trip and experience for me. Again, thank you for making this possible for me.


Zach Glessner


Thanks for helping organize and setup my hunt without people such as your-self organizations like the United Bowhunters wouldn't be possible I greatly appreciate what you have done.

Thanks again

Zach Glessner